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Step 1: Login to Your 1&1 account 

Step 2: Enter Your Domains

Click "Domains" under 'Domains & Web Space'

Step 3: Edit DNS Settings

Check the box next to your domain name, then click "DNS".  Within the drop down menu, select "Edit DNS Settings"

Step 4:  Enter IP Address once in the Edit DNS Settings

Step 5: Point Your Domain to SITEFLY

Under the Control Panel, make sure the DNS box is checked.  In the "Basic DNS Settings" menu, select "1&1 name server."  Under "Advanced DNS Settings", place a check where it reads "Other IP address", then add new IP:  Click "OK". 

Step 6:  Add Domain to your SITEFLY site.

When in your SITEFLY  account, click the “Go Live” button for the site you wish to publish.  In the space where it says “Link an Extra Domain”, enter your new domain and click “Add”

Need more help?

Call 1& Support at: 1-866-991-2631