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Step 1:  Login to Your Dreamhost Account

Step 2: Access Dreamhost Account Settings and Domain

After clicking the Domains link, then click Manage Domains

Step 3: Deactivate Fully Hosted setting

Within the Web Hosting column, if it says that your domain is Fully Hosted/user: you,  the click the Remove button.

Step 4: Access DNS Settings for your Domain

Click the link below your domain name where it reads “DNS”

Step 5: Point Your Domain to SITEFLY (Part 1- CNAME Record)

Navigate to the Add a custom DNS record to For the Name you need to add www. Set the Type to CNAME.  In the Value section, .  Then click Add Record Now!

Step 6: Point Your Domain to SITEFLY.  (Part 2 – A Record)

In the Add a custom DNS record to section, leave the Name blank.  Set the Type to A. The Value is  Then click Add Record Now!

Step 7:  Add Domain to your SITEFLY site.

When in your SITEFLY account, click the “Go Live” button for the site you wish to publish.  In the space where it says “Link an Extra Domain”, enter your new domain and click “Add”