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Step 1: Login to your Hover account 

Step 2: Switch to DNS tab

If you only have 1 domain with Hover, you will automatically be taken to the domain interface for your domain name.  Then simply click on the DNS tab to edit your DNS records.

Note:  If you have multiple domains, you first need to select the domain you wish to map. 

Step 3:  Edit DNS records

By default, Hover already has 2 A Records added  to your account.  Hover your mouse over the entry for the @ record and select "Edit DNS".  In the IP address field, enter: and click "Save".  Repeat this step for the * record as well. 

Step 4: Add Domain to your SITEFLY site.

When in your SITEFLY account, click the “Go Live” button for the site you wish to publish.  In the space where it says “Link an Extra Domain”, enter your new domain and click “Add”

Need more help?

Call Hover Support at: 1-866-731-6556