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How to add users to administer the site?

You can add other people in your team to edit and administer the site. You need email address the person uses in her Facebook account because we allow people to login to Sitefly using their Facebook login. You can also use this feature to transfer ownership of the site to another person.

There are two roles. 1) Editor 2) Administrator

If you want to allow the user to only edit the content of the site, you should add the user as an 'Editor.

If you want to allow the user to do every thing in the site including editing billing information, you should add the user as an 'Administrator'.

Please note that users can override one another's content if all are accessing the same site.

Step by step instruction on adding the user.

 1) Click 'Settings' in the left side bar

2) Click 'Manage Users' tab in the 'Settings' popup and enter the user details - Name, email address and select the role 'Admin' or 'Editor' and save. You are done. Added user will receive the email to enter the application and you will see the added user below the form.

3) View/Edit/Delete users

Once the user is added, you can always edit user details and delete the user.