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I already own a domain. How do I connect it to my SITEFLY site?

NOTE: Connecting a domain is only available if you have a SITEFLY Premium Account.   

Attach your own domain in SITEFLY Settings.  While in the Editor, click “Settings” >> Then click “Domains” >> Then, click “Link a domain I already own” >> Enter your Domain in the custom domain field and click “ADD” >> Now, follow the instructions below in order to configure your domain to point to our SITEFLY servers.

(These instructions are in place under the assumption you have already purchased/registered a custom domain name.  If you have not completed this step, you will first have to purchase a domain using a 3rd-party registrar like GoDaddy, NameCheap, DreamHost or any other provider who offers Full DNS services.)

  1. Login to your chosen Domain Registrar - E.g. GoDaddy, Dreamhost, Network Solutions.
  2. Go to their DNS management or Zone File settings page.
  3. Create an A Record
  4. The IP address of your record must point to: ""
  5. Add Domain to site:
    • Within the SITEFLY app make sure your domain has been successfully added to your site.  Then click "Save" >> Then click "Publish"
    • In the space provided, "Link Existing Domain" the click "Add" 

Please Note: DNS changes may not go into effect immediately. In cases,  changes may take up to 48 hours.